Wedding Photography Crash Course

By Farrukh Malik @ Jasras Fotos

Farukh is one of the most exceptional wedding photographers of Pakistan with over 17 years of experience in the field. He has a unique eye and a natural passion for the craft of photography and an enthusiasm for education, Farukh has helped hundreds of photographers to establish their businesses and go on to rewarding careers.

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10 MinutesUnderstanding your job as a wedding Photographer
10 MinutesLearning to organize your work schedule on the wedding day
10 MinutesPlanning for the couple and the family
15 minutesHow to be creative and give client what they actually need
30 minutesHow to deal with shy bride and groom
45 MinutesPosing the couple naturally ( In depth )
30 MinutesDo you need expensive lights and gear to shoot a wedding.
45 minutesHow to shoot in outdoors in harsh sunlight.
45 MinutesLow light weddings at night
45 MinutesHow to shoot: Over crowded weddings in Pakistan
30 minutesWhat is candid Photography
5 minutesHow to capture specific parts of the wedding day
15 minutesHow to build a camera kit.
30 minutesHow to Shoot: Bridal Portraits
30 minutesHow to Shoot: Groom Portrait
30 minutesHow to Shoot: Posed Family Groups
45 MinutesOutdoor – Understanding Pakistani Wedding Photography
10 MinutesOutdoor – Clients don’t know what they are looking for
15 minutesOutdoor – Ethnic and Culturally Diverse Weddings
30 minutesOutdoor – The importance of lights is not using any lights
45 MinutesOutdoor – Finding the right locations
45 MinutesOutdoor – Looking for the moment
10 MinutesOutdoor – Getting the couple comfortable
10 MinutesOutdoor – Making a master schedule on how to take photos
10 minutesImportance of using light room and Photoshop
20 MinutesUnderstanding light room workflow
30 minutesWhy is light room better compared with Photoshop?
60 MinutesWorking with prints
15 minutesHow to design digital story books
20 minutesHow to frame and print digital photographs
30 minutesImportance of understanding print medium
60 minutesWhat type of wedding photographer are you?
Wedding Photography Crash Course PKR6,000
  • Duration: 3 Day
  • Dates: 16th, 17th & 18th March 2018
  • Time:
    16th Mar –  Fri  3 pm till 9 pm
    17th Mar – Sat 11 am till 6 pm
    18th Mar – Sun 11 am till 6 pm
  • Speaker: Farukh Bhatti
  • Skill Level: Professional
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Great speakers with great topics. Join with us!

We believe that in order to be a great society of artists we all need to help each other be the best instead of tearing each other down and for this purpose we are offering all our secret ingredients to be the best. We are offering extensive courses on lighting, editing, post processing, framing composition and everything related to the field of photography. We will be offering sessions with great members of the society who are known for their work so that you can get first-hand knowledge about everything and anything.

Best of the best lightroom course! Simple and easy to understand with fun ways to deliver the information. I would recommend to anyone who wants to use lightroom for editing purposes. Keep up the good work School of Visual Aesthetics 🙂 Thank you.

SamreenaIslamabad, Paistan
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