Digital Photography Boot Camp Islamabad

Enhance your profound camera skills

This photography program partakers will explore major camera controls, functions, gears and accessories. Learn photographic essentials to assure the interrelationship between Artificial lights, ISO, shutter speed and aperture, metering light for accurate exposure and how different focal length lenses move the look of your pictures.

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What You Will Learn!

  • What is Photography?
  • How story telling started (Early Human Time)?
  • The era of photographic story telling (When & Why was the camera invented)
  • Invention of first camera?
  • How painting & writing play along with photography
  • Photograph is worth a thousand words
  • The Art of Story Telling
  • Understanding your camera.
  • How the camera works?
  • What is a frame?
  • Understanding Composition in depth
  • Mastering the Rule of Thirds
  • Balancing elements
  • Symmetry and patterns
  • Negative Space
  • Concept of Story telling through composition
  • You see what you want to see!
  • Viewpoints, levels and camera angles
  • What is Shutter and lens aperture?
  • What is mega pixel?
  • What is a crop or full frame camera?
  • How film is different from digital?
  • The difference between DSLR and Mirror less camera
  • Understanding Shutter Speed, Aperture, ISO?
  • The different modes in your camera Auto, Program, Manual, Shutter priority, Aperture priority.
  • How to use ISO effectively?

Class Assignment of Shooting different exposures

  • Depth of field (DOF) Overview
  • How to control DOF
  • Relationship of focal length distance & aperture related to Depth of field
  • Perceiving Sharpness
  • Sharpness
  • Depth of Field (DOF) Scale
  • Class Assignment of experimenting at different DOF
  • Understanding Camera Lenses
  • Landscape Photography
  • Macro photography (Inverted Lens Technique)
  • Street photography
  • Working with themes
  • The Importance of Contrast
  • Highlight and Shadow
  • Textures and rhythmic patterns
  • Understanding Forms and shapes of objects
  • Class Assignment of creating a Photo essay with 5 images
  • Different Colour Modes in Camera
  • Colour cancelation
  • The Colour Spectrum
  • Colour Temperature in comparison with colour spectrum
  • Seeing Like a Camera
  • Colour Perception
  • Depth Perception
  • Dynamic Range
  • Why do you need a flash light?
  • Flash settings
  • First curtain sync
  • High speed sync
  • Flash Sync Speed
  • Techniques for working with artificial lighting
  • Working with mixed, natural and artificial light
  • Class Assignment of taking correct exposure with flash
  • Different types of flash trigger
  • Slave and Master Mode
  • Syncing Multiple Flashes
  • Flash and studio shooting
  • Why do we need flash in out doors?
  • Creating your own light with reflector and DIY techniques
  • How to setup a cheap lighting equipment
  • Correct use of fill-in flash, reflectors and slow sync flash
  • Night photography techniques
  • Eliminating poor focus, red eye and camera shake
  • Effective pre-shoot preparation and advisory for portrait photograpahy
  • Understanding portrait styles (Black & White, Full Shot, Head Shot, Profile)An extensive range of techniques for taking candid and posed portraits – with examples
  • Photography make-up and clothing
  • Effective use of the environment and surroundings (Environmental Portraits)Controlling backgrounds and foregrounds for stunning portraits
  • Experimenting with viewpoints, levels and camera anglesApplying natural and studio lighting techniques
  • Effective portrait photography techniques for children, the elderly and groups                                                     

Class Assignment of Shooting Portraits

  • Effective photography techniques
  • Understanding Natural Ambient Light
  • Shooting with ambient light
  • Controlling the Available light
  • Impressive tricks using different lenses
  • Preventing under and over exposure
  • Techniques for reducing lens flare
  • Preventing poor quality images
  • Preventing unwanted reflections
  • Why do you need to edit?
  • Photoshop and light room comparison
  • Fundamentals and basics of Photoshop
  • Basic color adjustment
  • RAW Files How to store them
  • Light room over view
  • How to work with prints and digital pictures online
  • Discussion On Final Assignment
  • Basics of Photoshop
  • Color toning basics
  • Understanding The CURVES
  • Concept of Layers
  • Face Retouching
  • Selecting a Speciality Area
  • A Style to Call Your Own
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Portraiture
  • Weddings & Family
  • Making money through Photojournalism
  • How you can sell Landscapes
  • Food
  • Product & Still Life
  • Architecture & Interiors
  • Art Photography
  • Look at the Work of Other Photographers


Digital Photography Boot Camp Discounted Price
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Retail: 25,000 PKR
Duration: 6 Weeks
  • Sessions: 12 Classes


11th July 2018 till 16th August 2018


  • Wednesday: 5:00pm till 8:00pm
  • Thursday: 5:00pm till 8:00pm
Skill Level: Professional
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Waleed Alam @ Concept One Studios

The journey that started with a feature cell phone, ventured into Waleed becoming a professional photographer, graduating his Film studies, and founding one of Pakistan’s most sought-after media coverage studios “Concept One Studios”. His keen observant eye looks at the surroundings just as a painter would imagine a canvas. His passion for candid photography and portraits uplift every photoshoot, preserving moments as livable photos.

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If you want to learn the nuts and bolts of photography how to use all the camera settings properly, SVA courses are just what you need. The courses have deadlines, quizzes, and practical practices.

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