About SVA

Meet the folks behind SVA

Waleed AlamWaleed Alam
Waleed Alam
Waleed AlamFounder, Speaker
After spending years learning and exploring various aspects of photography, he discovered his natural affinity to teach along the way as well; he is now one of the best photographer and mentor in the field today.
Aisha SaqibAisha Saqib
Aisha Saqib
Aisha SaqibSpeaker, Brand Manager
Criticised by the society, she managed to ignore the judgy eyes of the people and became a lifestyle photographer. The best example you'll find for a female being a photographer in a country where women face pressurised social norms and values.
Fawad AslamFawad Aslam
Fawad Aslam
Fawad AslamSpeaker, Creative Director
Actor. director and a photographer. Packed by unique and multiple talents.
Zeeshan ShafquatZeeshan Shafquat
Zeeshan Shafquat
Zeeshan ShafquatSpeaker, Marketing Director
He is our marketing expert. A brave man battling with the challenge of disability everyday to spread positivity, motivation and happiness around.
Hashir AhmedHashir Ahmed
Hashir Ahmed
Hashir AhmedProject Manager.
A young experienced photographer with a passion to learn and explore creativity.